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Kitchen Tiling Dublin

Tiles, as they are clean wiping, hygienic, and look great, are the obvious choice for your kitchen walls, boards and splashes. Take a look today at the Dublin’s best range of wall and floor kitchen tiles with The Tony Tiling Company. You’ll certainly find the perfect tiles in the heart of your home, from rustic, traditional to modern and contemporary styles.

We now have a wide range of tiles, ranging from Victorian inspired kitchen mosaics to large-format porcelain tiles – and all between! For every budget and every style, we are proud to have a solution. Check out our selection below, and once you have found your tiles you can take advantage of our easy online checkout or get in a tile display in the Dublin.

Kitchen Wall Tiling Dublin

Whether you’re looking for something simple to create a quiet kitchen space or a bold , bright colour scheme, we have a wide range of kitchen wall tiles to choose from. Create a modern industrial appearance with metro tiles and contrasting grout or use rustic tiles or stone effect tiles to produce something more. If you’re looking for retro, our Metro tile ranges are perfect for creating traditional country kitchen looks too!

It’s important to understand the space you’re working with when you pick up kitchen wall tiles. If you’re trying to make the kitchen feel bigger, use glossy tiles and tiles diagonally, if possible, as this draws your eyes to the extremities of the room. You’ll also want to balance the light of the room, to keep your space light and airy. However, the lighter tiles show dirt and the kitchen spills are easier, so bare that when you make a choice of colour for your kitchen.

The kitchens are the centre of your home and often a busy room. Neutral colours can work well to bring peace and relaxation to a busy atmosphere. Alternatively, neutral colours can be used to accentuate and contrast a feature wall with a bold or different colour palette.


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Top Tips to Choose Your Kitchen Tiles in Dublin

  • You can get tiles which look like stone , wood or cement, and you do not need a sealing and are easy to clean!
  • Ceramic tiles are good for walls and an affordable choice, although porcelain tiles are always used for floors
  • Glossy tiles reflect light so that a brighter and larger space feels – they are easier to clean too!
  • Metro tiles are popular, sharp edge Metro tiles can animate reflections and shadows
  • Equip a designed floor tiles with a single wall tile for maximal contrast and effect
  • Tiles with a wood effect can give your kitchen a rustic and natural warmth.
    Lay tiles on a wall diagonally to increase the space!

Dublin Kitchen Floor Tiling

Since the floors in the kitchen are often heavily circulated, it is a good idea to choose tough tiles which are time-tested. Porcelain tiles are extremely robust and simple to clean, which makes them the ideal choice for kitchen floors. The porcelain line is a best-selling, polished or matt-finished kitchen flooring.

Do not forget to consider grouting colour when you choose your kitchen floor tiles-a darker colour will not stain or colour over time, while light-colored grouting will need to be cleaned more frequently. With larger tiles, fewer grout joints are required, often making it a popular choice for kitchens, large tiles can also make the room felt larger.

You can use indoor and outdoor tiles Valverdi Out to produce beautiful flow from indoor to outside to connect your kitchen to your patio or terrace. You can use 10 mm indoor and 20 mm outdoor tiles. Extending your living space outside with Valverdi especially well works in the kitchen as meals can be prepared inside and purchased outside during the summer. With a continuous tile design, the two spaces feel like one coherent area.

Glass Kitchen Tiles Dublin

It’s a great choice to use glass mosaic tiles in your kitchen. Neutral glass kitchen tiles give your splashback a simple look, while sparkling glass mosaics create a glamorous flair. Use glass tiles with a contrasting grout to add a sprinkling of colour to your kitchen.

Glass mosaics are often used as sprinkling tiles because they differ from the rest of the tiles used in your design and can be cleaned easily. Some of our spectrums are audacious enough to turn this into a wall or kitchen hub.

Our glass mosaic tiles are used to contrast tiles with stone effects both in contemporary and traditional kitchens. The majority of our mosaic range, made from small glass tiles, are placed on sheets for fast and smooth installation to save time and money.

Kitchen Tiling Splashback

Tiles are a good choice for splashbacks because they are tough and clean. We are equipped with a wide range of tiles, from metro stained tiles to simple white telegraphs. Why don’t you try something different, like stone effect tiles or patterned decoration tiles? Or do you use glass kitchen tiles for a high-gloss splashback?

We often see that our mosaic tiles are used for splashbacks, but did you know that large format tiles can work just as well? Larger tiles have less grooving joints, making them easier to clean, perfect for splashbacks.

You can even use the same tiles in the rest of your design-only the tile vertically, not horizontally. You add a space definition and set it aside as a back-up area-Metro tiles work well.

Kitchen Tile Ideas Dublin

Tiles are often an important piece of kitchen decoration, because they enable creativity while maintaining all the practicality of tiling. But it can be difficult to know where to begin here with walls , floors and springs. With such a wide range of styles, it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. Luckily, we’re the tile experts at The Tony Tiling Company, and we’ve got some handy tips to help out.

The standard white ceramic wall tiles you can see everywhere can work extremely well if you’re used to emphasise some contrast-perhaps a different coloured tile or even a luminous and bold wall. You can also add further interest to the elements by using tiles of a different shape, or by putting them in a different pattern to break up the monotony.

You can also be adventurous with declaration tiles and floors-mosaic and victorian tiles work for this very well. By nature, they produce different patterns and eye-catching designs which are perfect for a contemporary kitchen and which feature repeated motifs and daring colours. Geometric designs are also enjoying some revival, so look at the encaustic tiles for the declaration areas.

Use wood effect tiles to make your kitchen look just like real stuff, adding a splash of personality and rustic charm, full of textured surfaces and woody grain. You can also use stone-effect tiles, perfect for farmhouse or modern kitchens. Alternatively. Add some luxurious marble effect tiles that won’t break the bank and look almost the same as the real thing. Furthermore, with floor heating systems all of our porcelain tiles are great to be used.