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Are you considering a complete bathroom renovation, searching for an old bathroom renovation, or simply replacing your suite? From traditional to contemporary, we can advise on and install any style. By project managing the whole renovation process, we help take the sting out of renovating. All you have to consider is how beautiful your new area will be. Are you renovating your kitchen as well? Our installers are masters in transforming drab kitchens and bathrooms into welcoming areas.

What is the Process of Installing a Bathroom?

For many years, Tony Tiling has been regarded as one of the top bathroom fitters in Dublin. We work on a variety of installation projects in Dublin and abroad, so we have a lot of information, skill, and experience to contribute. We tackle chores in a series of logical phases, no matter what aspirations you have for your bathroom.

Initial Proposal

Every project receives a complete, transparent, and obligation-free quote. This includes concepts, requirements, a budget, and a timeline. Whether it’s a comprehensive bathroom renovation or something smaller, we price every bathroom installation work carefully. We aim to make the most of your budget while avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Designing A Bathroom

If you already have a bathroom design in mind, we’ll take a close look at it. If that is not the case, we can assist you with our own design services. We can even sketch up your ideas and offer CAD drawings if necessary.

If we didn’t survey your bathroom as part of the quote, we’ll come out and take precise measurements and make sure everything fits perfectly before we start working.

Dublin Bathroom Fitters
Installation of the Bathroom

Installation of the Bathroom

Tony Tiling’s bathroom fitters in Chiswick will assign you a professional project manager and share a planning document with you after everything is agreed upon. This is utilised to keep our hardworking craftsmen on track throughout the whole project.

What should you do first? It’s simple to schedule an appointment to talk about your new bathroom and the installation procedure. If you want, we may begin by obtaining a full first quote for you.

Installation of a Bathroom in Dublin

A comprehensive overhaul isn’t always required. To freshen up your house, you only need to make some modifications. Tony Tiling and his team are renovation professionals in every way. We can also help you with basic bathroom renovation ideas that can completely change the look of your home.

We’re here to make renovating or redesigning a bathroom as simple and pleasurable as possible, whether you’re doing a small-scale renovation in Dublin or a large-scale full-scale entire bathroom refurbishment overseas. It is not necessary for the work to be frightening. It has the potential to be, and should be, an exciting period.

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Tony Tiling Bathroom Installations

You may have a lot of queries before instructing Tony Tiling. You might be curious as to how long a bathroom renovation in Dublin will take or how much a complete bathroom renovation would cost. We can provide you with precise renovation pricing so there are no surprises. We’re here to make the renovation process as easy as possible, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Customer evaluations for comprehensive renovations in Dublin and beyond may be found on our Which? Trustpage. You may also find additional ideas on our Instagram feed.

Take a look at the goods and vendors we suggest for bathroom improvements in your house. Investing in materials from reputable sources and using experienced installers will assure the greatest results across the board.

Are you looking for bathroom remodelers in my area? Check out our interactive project finder to see what’s been accomplished near you. Examples of renovation Dublin schemes may be seen in our collection.


Frequently asked questions

We’ve installed dozens of bathrooms in Dublin and have a plethora of expertise and experience. We’ve included a list of frequently asked questions below.

Q: What should I do to maintain my freshly constructed bathroom?

A: Cleaning is apparent, but it’s crucial to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your bathroom suite and sanitary ware to ensure you’re using the proper items and avoiding harm. It’s also worth thinking about the wetness and humidity that come with bathrooms. If you’ve chosen natural materials, you’ll want to keep an eye on the sun to minimise fading and discoloration. Damage and wear can also be caused by poorly designed and fitted equipment. Maintaining your dream bathroom once it’s been installed means you’ll be able to enjoy it for longer.

Q: Do you sell bathroom sets and accessories?

A: No, although we interact directly with a number of vendors and maintain a preferred supplier list. Let us know what you want, and we will provide you with all of the necessary information and suggestions to enable you to purchase the items you desire.

Q: How long does it take to install a bathroom?

A: The time it takes to install a bathroom varies based on the amount of work that has to be done. With a project manager and a project plan in place from Tony Tiling Dublin, you can expect minimum disruptions to your daily routine. We’ll always do our best to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

Q: Is it possible for you to remove and dispose of my current bathroom fixtures?

A: Yes. Any price and project plan from Tony Tiling Dublin may include the removal of your old bathroom components and sanitary ware. When it comes to garbage disposal, re-use, or recycling, we are ecologically attentive and responsible.

Q: Do you hire your own people or hire outside help?

A: Depending on your needs, we install bathrooms using our own employees as well as specialist subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians. In any case, a member of the Tony Tiling Dublin team will serve as your project manager and point of contact. It’s how we keep our high standards up.

Q: What is the price of a new bathroom?

A: The typical bathroom installation in Ireland costs roughly €6,500, according to industry sources. This, however, can vary based on the level of detail in the job, the size of the bathroom, and the fixtures and fittings used. A new full-sized contemporary wet room, for example, may cost significantly more than a more conventional option. The best course of action is to get a quotation from us. We can offer you with all of the data you require to make an informed decision. Your ideal bathroom is only a few steps away.

Bathroom Fitting by Tony Tiling's in Dublin

In Dublin and the surrounding suburbs, the greatest bathroom restoration and bathroom installation.

We provide experience, dependability, and a solid reputation at Tony Tiling. Our bathroom restoration and bathroom installation work in Dublin has delighted consumers and produced results for over 20 years. Our bathroom remodelers work with customers and keep their needs in mind at all times, whether it’s a modest bathroom remodel in your Dublin home or a big-scale bathroom renovation in a huge Dublin house.

When it comes to bathroom design and installation, we assist customers in making the best decision for their particular area. Our house renovations are done with the highest quality materials at a cost-effective price that you will be delighted with, from conventional to contemporary, brick to timber or stone. We understand how bathroom renovations in Dublin can alter your living space, adding elegance and value to your home, and it is our aim to continue that creative process.

Our experience allows us to work on small bathroom remodel works as well as all other bathroom refurbishment and installation projects, all of which are completed by highly qualified local bathroom fitters in Dublin, resulting in a bathroom installation that you will be proud of. Tony Tiling is available to design and install a bathroom renovation in Dublin.

Why should you use our bathroom fitting and bathroom contractors in Dublin and the surrounding areas?

Tony Tiling is the name to remember when it comes to bathroom fitting in Dublin. Customers may rest easy knowing that we have years of experience and have set industry standards. We are devoted to working with customers to get their bathroom renovations right, providing revolutionary bathroom makeovers, as our bathroom renovation work in Dublin demonstrates.

Renovations to Rejuvenate

We are experts in bathroom design and installation in Dublin houses. Our bathroom renovators in Dublin have a lot of expertise and know how to do bathroom renovations that make homes appear new and fresh again.

Performing Makeovers

A bathroom makeover is a great way to take your home to the next level. Our ability to meticulously construct bathroom renovations in Dublin homes, as well as our devotion to excellent finishing, is evident from our portfolio of work. When you engage us to redesign your bathroom in Dublin, we’ll make the most of the situation.

Workable Designs

It’s not always simple to get the proper bathroom design and installation in Dublin, but our bathroom builders will make it happen for you.

Bathrooms That Will Last

Our bathroom builders in Dublin make us a reputable firm, not merely because of the quality of our supplies. Experienced professionals make cost-effective selections, ensuring the longevity of your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Accessories

Tony Tiling provides experience and quality that clients can rely on when it comes to bathroom fitting in Dublin. We collaborate closely with our customers to help them realise their bathroom renovation ideas. We make certain that your new bathroom is appropriate for both your house and your budget.

Our cost-effective bathroom remodelling services are available for all sorts of houses. Our bathroom contractors work with all customers in Dublin to ensure satisfaction, whether it’s bathroom renovations for historic properties or bathroom design and installation for a new flat in Dublin’s trendiest neighbourhoods.

Call in the professionals for your bathroom installation in Dublin. This will provide you peace of mind and the certainty that your refurbishment will be completed to a high quality, according to your specifications, and that you will be kept informed at all times.

Our bathroom fitters in Dublin are competent and devoted, and they’re eager to get started on your project and produce results.

Installation of the Bathroom

Years of bathroom installation expertise in Dublin has taught us that the consumer always comes first. We’ve done everything from large-scale bathroom instals in Dublin’s larger estates to bathroom makeovers aimed to maximise the space in smaller Dublin residences.

It all starts with design when it comes to bathroom remodelling in Dublin. Every bathroom installation customer in Dublin has different needs, and everyone who wants to renovate their bathroom has a different vision.

Our goal is to collaborate closely with clients, assisting them in determining the ideal bathroom design and installation plan for their specific Dublin project, and then delivering exactly what they desire. Working with our bathroom builders in Dublin will provide you with the peace of mind you want, at a cost-effective price, and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

It might be difficult to decide on a bathroom remodel in Dublin, so let us help you.

Bathroom Renovations

Our knowledge in the business can produce the outcomes you desire, whether it’s fashionable bathroom instals in green Dublin neighbourhoods or a bathroom makeover in a small Dublin flat.

Our professional and devoted bathroom builders in Dublin always work closely with customers, discussing and planning any bathroom renovations with the goal of creating a place that they will enjoy. Our bathroom renovations help Dublin homeowners make the most of their property by providing gorgeous finishes and designs that increase useable space.

Bathroom design and installation projects in Dublin are never one-size-fits-all, and our bathroom renovation portfolio demonstrates our dedication to customised solutions. Our bathroom renovations and bathroom makeovers in Dublin homes alter areas while also providing proven value for money. We use high-quality materials and cost-effective building methods.

Allow our bathroom builders in Dublin to take your house to the next level when it’s time to start building.

Bathroom Installers Dublin’s Tony Tiling Projects

In terms of bathroom fixtures in Dublin, we are the best. Our bathroom installation work in Dublin is both reputable and guaranteed since we work directly with firms that provide high-quality bathroom materials.

Bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishment in Dublin houses, regardless of scale, demands careful planning and trusted experience, which is where we shine. Bathroom fitting with us combines utility and aesthetics to give you the style and feel you desire, since we understand how important people’s homes are to them.

Our bathroom fitting work in Dublin is meticulously created and completed to industry-leading standards, with clients kept informed at all times and the least amount of inconvenience to the rest of their house.

We strive to impress all of our clients with all of our bathroom fittings in Dublin, so you can enjoy your new area for many years.

Bathroom Fitting, Renovation, and Refurbishment in Dublin: Dos and Don’ts

Select the appropriate bathroom surfaces.

When it comes to bathroom remodelling and bathroom fitting in your Dublin house, selecting the ideal surfaces is more than just about aesthetics; bathroom remodelling surface selections are also tied to their ability to withstand a lot of moisture.

Porcelain tile is a favourite among bathroom designers for many of our bathroom fitting tasks in Dublin, not just for flooring, but also for walls, sinks, and other bathroom makeovers. This is because it resists discoloration, germs, and smells, and we recommend bigger tiles for many bathroom renovations in Dublin to minimise grout lines and make cleaning easier.

Remember to adhere to all local construction codes and schedule inspections.

You may be tempted to forgo the often-expensive licences and inspections if your bathroom remodelling project in Dublin is a do-it-yourself job, but this is not a smart idea for bathroom makeovers in Dublin houses. Short corners in bathroom installation or remodelling work in Dublin homes may lead to costly disasters, such as defective wiring that causes a fire or leaking plumbing that leaks through your ceiling. Permits and inspections will mostly certainly be handled by a professional bathroom installation contractor in Dublin.

Don’t forget to include storage.

Many people who renovate their bathrooms in Dublin make the mistake of sacrificing storage bathroom in order to create place for a walk-in shower or a huge vanity. Bathroom requirements must be included as part of the overall project design.

Make a strategy for your bathroom’s design.

Planning is essential for most things, and bathroom remodelling in Dublin is no exception. It should be used to guide and concentrate your bathroom redesign. We will guarantee that customer-approved ideas and plans are meticulously developed before we start the job as a professional firm that has completed numerous bathroom remodelling and bathroom remodelling projects in Dublin houses of different kinds and sizes.

After you’ve begun, don’t keep changing your mind.

Having a focus on your decision is vital for getting your bathroom remodelling and bathroom installation correct at your Dublin house, and changing your mind mid-project may be quite challenging. Following adjustments to your bathroom remodelling project in Dublin, once drawings are set and supplies are ordered, are likely to add unnecessary time and money to your bathroom restoration project.

Make sure your bathroom isn’t too crowded.

As a firm with a significant portfolio of bathroom renovation works in Dublin, we understand that each bathroom has a limited amount of useable square footage, thus properly designing a bathroom makeover design is vital. Our bathroom remodelling and bathroom makeovers team in Dublin will work closely with customers to maximise potential, free up space, and make the area seem big, not congested, roomy, not cramped when you work with Tony Tiling.

Fitting, Renovation, and Installation of Bathrooms

Bathrooms in Dublin that have been refurbished in a variety of styles

When it comes to bathroom renovations and remodelling in Dublin, the options available are nearly limitless. It’s all about personal taste and producing the aesthetic consumers desire, whether it’s gorgeous, classic Victorian-style bathroom renovations in stately Dublin mansions or modern, sleek bathroom design and installation work in Dublin loft flats.

Our bathroom remodelling projects in Dublin provide excellent customer service and competent assistance from start to end. Our bathroom remodelling professionals in Dublin are ready to assist and provide advice to people who need assistance choosing on bathroom installation work and what design may work best for their home.

Our years of expert industry experience ensure that our bathroom design and installation services in Dublin are tailored to assist customers in making well-informed selections that reflect their own tastes. We provide bathroom fitting for Dublin houses of all sizes and designs, with finishes that guarantee client pleasure, whether it’s a colour scheme or a layout issue.

Let us save you time and money by providing you with precise, no-obligation quotations for all bathroom remodelling services in Dublin. Contact Tony Tiling immediately for all of your bathroom installation requirements in Dublin, and let us give your house the appearance it deserves.

Tony Tiling Bathroom Fitting Dublin – Designing and installing your new bathroom

When it comes to bathroom fittings in Dublin, you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Customers often use their previous bathroom as a reference for our bathroom renovation projects in Dublin, and then they end up with a space that meets their demands.

Bathroom fittings in Dublin must provide for storage space for items like towels and other amenities, whether in large or small rooms, which is why we incorporate this into our design for any bathroom renovation job. Pinterest, websites, and professional designers and stylists may all provide ideas for bathroom renovations in Dublin.

The choice of a bath or a wet room is a key factor in many bathroom renovation projects in Dublin. Lighting may be a crucial concern in various bathroom renovation projects in Dublin, from back-lighting mirrors to LED ‘feature walls.’

Adding a TV or flush-mounted speakers to listen to music wirelessly is a more ambitious bathroom renovation project in Dublin that may create a distinctive leisure place for your house. Other comprehensive bathroom makeovers in Dublin may be able to supply you with a Adding a touch of luxury to a home spa may completely change a place.

Contact us for all your bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation, and bathroom installation jobs in Dublin, regardless of your style or taste, or the scope of your work.

Bathroom renovations and renovations

Where should I begin when it comes to fitting Dublin?

Our bathroom renovation specialists are here to provide some advice, whether it’s a new family bathroom in your Dublin townhouse or a magnificent en-suite or wet room to enhance your Dublin property.

Though doing the work yourself can save money on bathroom fitting in Dublin, the time, stress, and complexity of a bathroom remodelling project in Dublin should not be underestimated. Gas and electric parts of every bathroom remodelling work in Dublin should be handled by specialists, as your and your family’s safety is paramount.

Check the warranties for any goods you’ll be using, including sealant and grout, throughout a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom renovation in your Dublin house to avoid problems later.

Set a realistic time range for all bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation work in Dublin homes with expert bathroom fitting crews so that there is as little disturbance as possible during the process.

Installing your bathroom or renovating your bathroom: Undertake I need a professional bathroom contractor in Dublin to do a bathroom makeover?

Bathroom fitting and installation work in Dublin houses need the services of a builder, a tiler, an electrician, a plumber, and occasionally a decorator. Some firms, such as Tony Tiling, can supply a staff that is capable of performing all bathroom installation and renovation work in your Dublin house while also managing project management to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Your money, time and schedules, ability to undertake any DIY work, and the general requirements of your bathroom installation project should all be considered while renovating and installing your bathroom.

Before beginning any work on a bathroom renovation in Dublin, there are a few things to consider and think about:


  • You’re starting from zero with your bathroom installation in Dublin. Larger bathroom remodelling projects, particularly if new bathrooms are being put within an expansion or bathrooms are being formed from rooms that were previously used for anything else, should be avoided.
  • Whether or whether the bathroom renovation in your Dublin house will have an impact on the party walls (walls shared by you and a neighbor).
  • Bathroom renovations that require the construction or removal of internal walls, particularly when the walls are structural (load-bearing),
  • Bathroom installation in Dublin houses when new fittings necessitate the reinforcement of old flooring. This is a regular problem when installing new luxury bathtubs.
  • Consider structural calculations, waterproofing, and drainage concerns carefully before renovating or installing a wet room in your Dublin bathroom.
  • A builder can manage the job for you if you opt to acquire all fixtures and fittings from multiple vendors rather than using an in-house supply-and-fit service from a bathroom expert.
  • Approval or conformity with building rules (sometimes known as building regs) is necessary.
  • When choosing fixtures and fittings that require expert installation, such as heavy, large-format stone tile or wall-hung sanitaryware, consider the following factors.
  • Using a builder to oversee the entire job means you have an expert on hand who can utilise their own team of trusted craftsmen if you are unable to manage the bathroom fitting project yourself (maybe due to time restrictions). This choice allows you to delegate most of the organisational tasks to someone else, and many builders are proficient in all elements of bathroom installation, including tiling, plumbing, and electrical work, so you won’t have to hire different professions.

Install the appropriate shower for your bathroom renovation in Dublin.

The shower is a key area when it comes to a bathroom renovation in your Dublin house. At Tony Tiling, we want to help you make the best decision possible, which is why all of our bathroom renovations include expert advise on all of your alternatives. With space at a premium in many houses, our bathroom installation work in Dublin homes is intended to make the most of every available square inch.

Our experts will lead you through all you need to know to obtain the results you want and deserve, from luxury walk-in showers to a full bathroom installation. All bathroom remodels include a variety of features, ranging from wall and floor tiling to finishing touches and materials, which we always strive for perfection in. Our bathroom renovation projects are completed with the best materials available, with bespoke aspects available upon request.

We may add hidden plumbing and installations that illustrate why we are the finest for a genuinely beautiful bathroom renovation work at your Dublin residence. Our design and installation staff will work with you to achieve what you need in a manner that pleases you for bathroom fittings that are meant to generate extra space.

Tony Tiling provides luxury bathroom fittings in Dublin.

Tony Tiling is the firm to call and the team to trust if you want a stunning, high-quality bathroom refurbishment for your Dublin house. All of our bathroom fitting work is done by our in-house designers, with dedicated fitting teams and access to items from world-leading manufacturers, thanks to our many years of essential industry knowledge.

Our bathroom renovations in Dublin are focused on our dedication to both build and design a unique and luxury environment for you to rest and unwind in, from consultation to completion. Our bathroom fitting designers provide expert advise and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you obtain the bathroom remodelling style you desire.

Our bathroom fitting crew in Dublin will provide 3D models of your new bathroom to acquire customer approval and act as a reference for the job. For all of our bathroom remodelling work in Dublin, Tony Tiling provides a full-time project manager, providing customers peace of mind that they will get the results they desire and the luxury they deserve.