Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Dublin

The bathroom is one of the bedrooms in the house everybody uses, so that it’s both practical and stylish. If you’re planning to renovate your master bathroom walls and floors, or just refresh the loo style, we’ve got a tile range in stock to suit you. Bathroom tiles are available in a variety of colours , shapes, materials and sizes.

Furniture is the best choice to cover the wall in bathrooms and wet rooms because it’s clean and hygienic, and moisture from showers , baths and hot-running taps in the air is not impaired. Fortunately we have both a practical and amazing portfolio of tiles that allow you to be practical while you put your own artistic flare in your room.

Whether you’re looking for classic looks, Victorian black and white furniture, something urban or modern-we can help. Once you’ve found your perfect tiles, you can easily order online or pop in one of our tile showrooms in Dublin.

Top Bathroom Tiling Ideas & Tips

  • Use mosaics on the shower floors to add anti-slip
  • Try to create an open feeling for lighter or white tiles in a smaller area.
  • Maintain a minimum grout line to facilitate cleaning
  • Create areas with various colour or textured tiles
  • Use a border or a feature strip to add a splash of colour to the simple tiles.
  • Why not use mosaics or vibrant coloured tiles to try fun shower tile ideas?
  • Use interesting patterns of tiles and grout to create a fun look with simple tiles

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Bathroom Floor Tiling

You may seem like an awful task when selecting tiles to the floor of your bathroom because so many different options are available. It is extremely hard and solid, and available in various non-running options. The use of porcelain in wet rooms is ideal. The tiles are also very highly popular for floors. Porcelain. In the bathroom, Black and white tiles inspired by the Victorian are always popular, as are mosaic tiles.

You can choose to have more neutral tils on your bathroom floor, which enable your main focus point to shine if you use a feature tile or feature wall. If not, the use of patterned tiles can work really well to add a sense of movement and drama to your floor. This leads to a much more interesting interior and can make a space bigger.

The additional grout joints provide more grip and create a naturally slipless floor when using mosaic tiles, which works well in shower and wet rooms and won’t irritate baked feet. Watch out always for the rating on tile floors, as this indicates the glimpse resistance of each tile and in the bathrooms where floors are probably wet and slippery, it is very important. Anything with or higher rating of R9 slip resistance is classified as safe in your entire home.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

As the tiles on your wall don’t have to be as sturdy as the tiles on your floor, many more styles can be chosen. Whether you’re looking for brightly coloured ceramic metro tiles or glittering glass mosaics, you can experiment with colours , designs and patterns to create a perfect look.

Wall tiles in your bathroom should reflect calmness within your room. Natural stone-effect Grey tiles gives you an appearance firmly rooted in the wild, or you can make the room larger and more airy with a lighter palette. Many people opt for neutral colour palettes as they do with any interior decoration, often offset by bold and vivid features of a wall or furniture.

Many of our tile range have a textured surface here at The Tony Tiling Company. This is both practical and stylish. Different surface textures mirror various quantities of light, allowing your bathroom to create a sense of light and space. Additionally, you can add various finishes to your interior decoration instantly and in contrast.

Bathroom Shower Tiling Dublin

In showers, a popular idea is to build a separate area or area by building a feature wall. You can use a separate tile for the back wall or complete shower room from the rest of the bathroom. This can be an entirely different colour scheme or something else like a complete wall of mosaics from the same range as the other room.

Remember, fewer grout joints can make cleaner tiles in the shower, although a protector or sealant can be used to clean tiles and grout. You could even replicate the looks of high-end hotels by creating industrial-inspired shower areas using modern and urban large format tiles. The large-format porcelain cement and stone effect tiles work well for this look.

Try using shower tiles in a different colour than the rest of your bathroom if you are looking for something a little more subtle. We often store various size cartons in each size, so it should be easy to use smaller cartons to separate the area from the other rooms. In level access showers in which the floor is tiled with smaller mosaic tiles – adding extra slip-resistance! This works especially well!

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Small Tiling for Bathroom

A spacious and luminous bathroom ensures a relaxing and peaceful place. It is important to understand the space you are working with when selecting tiles for a small bathroom.

We know well that a room felt bigger with white tiles and light colours. However, did you know that larger tiles could also create the illusion of more space? You may even make the room feel larger than it’s by using large-scale wall patterns. Extend your floor tiles to the bathroom with no shower and place the drain directly into the floor.

Another clever trick you can use in small bathrooms is to lay your tiles in diagonal patterns. This tricks the eye to see space as larger than it is, thereby creating the illusion of more space. This effect is effective because you can easily count tiles when put in a normal square configuration, first by diagonally arranging them you draw attention to the longest room dimensions and trickle the brain.

The use of classic white bathroom tiles also makes a room feel larger, especially those that bounce gloss and reflect light around the room. You should like always use pottery tiles on the walls of your bathroom and dense porcelain tiles on the floor of the bathroom. We don’t recommend using white tiles for both, because they can make a small space or, in fact, make any space feel a little clinical.

Bathroom Tiling Design Ideas

The tiles are the perfect choice for your bathroom as there is also a financial benefit to consider, together with the practical characteristics of the tiles. Tiles are hard-wearing by their very nature, with very little maintenance in addition to standard cleaning to keep them in good condition. They are the natural choice in comparison to other substrate because of the low maintenance demands-saving money and making your bathroom look the best.

But it can be difficult to know where to start planning your bathroom tile design with so many options to choose from. First of all, look at a lot of various tiles, so that you know the style you want-metro, wide size, mosaic, wood, etc. Once you have chosen the style of the bathroom, think about the custom colours and designs.

Often people start with a ‘wow tile’ – a colourful thing or maybe an interesting shape they love. This can often be used as a tile feature or as a wall feature in the bathroom design. These special tiles can add drama and contrast to walls , floors or even the shower.

Once people have chosen a feature tile or wall, more understated tiles compliment the main focus are often considered. Sometimes called tiles and tend to be neutral or plain colours with a simple surface structure. These are called accent tiles. You can even have two different tiles that give your main tile different characteristics. These understated counterparts should make it possible for your feature tiles to stand out and take centre stage to create a coherent look and feel for your bathroom.