Bathroom Renovations & Refurbishment

Bathroom Renovations Experts in Dublin

Bathroom Renovations Experts in Dublin

Our local bathroom fitters are up to the task, whether it’s a bathroom remodel to change your Dublin house or a bathroom refurbishment to give an older property a modern vibe.

Our bathroom renovations in Dublin offer tailor-made solutions to create the space that consumers desire, based on our years of expertise, high-quality materials, and professional attention. Whatever the design requirements, we collaborate with customers to create bathroom renovations that thrill.

Our local bathroom fitters produce new looks that reflect your choice, your style, and your demands, from modest bathroom renovations that make the most of a space to a small bathroom makeover in a historic Dublin house meant to bring the home into the twenty-first century.

With our portfolio of projects, we can demonstrate how bathroom renovations in Dublin should be done and why clients return to us time and time again for bathroom renovations.


When you need bathroom fitting or remodelling work done in Dublin, Tony Tiling is the company to call for highly skilled and reasonably priced professionals. We are able to deliver the greatest outcomes to bathroom remodelling consumers around Dublin due to our years of bathroom fitting experience.

The following are some of the bathroom fitting services we provide in Dublin:

  • Renovation of the bathtub
  • Customized bath wall systems
  • For the shower door soaker
  • Tub Liner Made of Acrylic
  • Air baths and whirlpools
  • Vanities made to order
  • Bathtubs with a door
  • The bathroom’s whole set of fixtures
  • Solutions That Remove Obstacles
  • Renovating entire bathroom

Why should you choose us?

We try to provide everything a bathroom might need, from the beautiful, bespoke, and bold to the utilitarian, dependable, and trustworthy.
Our range of fixtures and fittings caters to all budgets, making us the ideal choice for homeowners at every stage of the housing ladder.
We understand that renovating or remodelling your bathroom isn’t something you do every day, and with that in mind, we’ve searched far and wide, working tirelessly night and day to guarantee that our selection of high-quality goods appeals to every type and age of home.

Things to Think About When Renovating or Remodeling a Bathroom in Dublin

When it comes to home renovation projects, a bathroom renovation in your Dublin house needs more forethought than others. Your bathroom renovation project in Dublin is all about making the correct choices to provide the bathroom makeovers of your dreams, from practical issues like plumbing and waterproofing to style and design choices for the space.

We have a few things to discuss with you at Tony Tiling Project, things to think about before you start any bathroom renovation project in Dublin:

Budget considerations are critical regardless of the size or scope of your bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment project in Dublin. Take a look at your budget before you start looking at other designs and materials. Even if your budget is limited, bathroom design and installation in your Dublin home may still provide magnificent results, so work with specialists to get the most out of your money.

When renovating a bathroom in your Dublin house, the size of the area you have to work with is important. It’s crucial. Bathroom renovation jobs in Dublin houses of all kinds and sizes may be made to work by being imaginative and maximising every square inch. To make your bathroom fitting in Dublin more space-efficient, think about storage solutions and innovative material usage.

Who will be the first to use the bathroom? Is it a separate en suite or a shared bathroom? These are all vital questions to ask and think about before renovating or installing a bathroom in your Dublin house. The size of the bath you want and the type of shower you want are both crucial household demands that may influence your bathroom design and installation plan in your Dublin home, ensuring you have the space you want.

Getting engaged in the mechanics of a bathroom renovation or bathroom installation in your Dublin home isn’t worth it if you end up with something you don’t like. Bathroom design and installation in Dublin houses is all about achieving the unique style you’ve always desired while also taking into account the practical modifications you’ll need to make. Bathroom renovations and makeovers in Dublin may reflect your own style while still providing all of the functional advantages you want.

Doing a bathroom renovation in your Dublin house will always require concerns concerning your plumbing setup, as any of our specialists at Tony Tiling will tell you. The position of the plumbing can affect the placement of fixtures and fittings in a bathroom renovation or bathroom fitting in an existing space. Simply put, if you want a bathroom renovation in Dublin but don’t want or can afford to move plumbing, adopt a flexible approach to your bathroom refurbishment from the outset.

When it comes to a new bathroom fitting in Dublin, where the plumbing is being done from scratch, your options are significantly more extensive, with bathroom design and installation options available.

Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one in your Dublin home, the fittings you choose will have a significant impact on the final aesthetic. To save money, consider completing a bathroom renovation that reuses some of your existing fittings, such as taps and shower heads. The positioning of items like towel rails, mirrors, and hooks, among other things, is critical in any of our bathroom renovations in Dublin houses.

Who will be the first to use the bathroom? Is it a separate en suite or a shared bathroom? These are all vital questions to ask and think about before renovating or installing a bathroom in your Dublin house. The size of the bath you want and the type of shower you want are both crucial household demands that may influence your bathroom design and installation plan in your Dublin home, ensuring you have the space you want.

Final touches are crucial in bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation, and bathroom makeovers in Dublin. Use this step to add your particular flair, from plants to shower caddies, to tie the area together.

Why Should You Use Our Refurbishment Services?

Perhaps your bathroom is outdated and in need of a makeover to add a little something more to your domestic relaxation routine, or you just want to replace an outdated suite with a more modern design.
We can assist you with bathroom renovations, bathroom design, and bathroom installation, among other things. We can assist you and your house in obtaining all you want to create your very own spa escape from the outside world in the comfort of your own home.
Our goal is to be the top search result for the terms “bathroom builders in Dublin” and “bathroom refurbishment in Dublin” on the internet!

Our services aren’t just for residential homes. Hotel, restaurant, and leisure facilities are among our commercial clients, as are commercial office and retail fit-outs, public buildings, and blue-light services.
You can count on us to provide a professional, efficient, and high-quality service that will make you think of us as the greatest, up-and-coming bathroom professionals in your area.
The team includes of licenced bathroom contractors, bathroom designers, and friendly consultants that can help with bathroom renovations or installation projects that match your specific company requirements.

Professional Bathroom Renovations in Dublin

We all want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but not everyone has the financial wherewithal to book themselves into pricey, luxury spas on a weekly basis.
Retreating into our bathrooms for a peaceful dip in a hot bubble bath or a refreshing shower is one of the many ways we may find the escape we want at the end of a long day’s work.
The days of the bathroom being only a utilitarian and uninteresting aspect of our houses are long gone.
The bathroom has evolved into a haven from the outside world within our houses, a place where we may rest, relax, and dream.

Who We Are

Clients from all throughout Dublin may take use of our services. We are a Dublin-based bathroom refurbishment and installation company that was founded in Dublin and is still based there today.
From major projects to more bespoke, minor bathroom remodelling projects, our experts are competent, informed, and ready to assist on all bathroom installation and remodelling expenses.
Contact us now for a free and pleasant first consultation, or if you’d like to schedule a visit from a bathroom contractor, builder, or designer to your place of business, we’d be pleased to help.

Frequently asked questions

Q: From start to completion, how long does a bathroom remodelling usually take?

A: At the risk of seeming evasive, we have no choice but to answer, “it depends.” The length of the bathroom remodelling project is determined by the scope of the job. If you’re moving fixtures and redesigning the space, for example, the actual construction will take a little longer. Moving fixtures, on the other hand, will almost always need building department permits, which will add time to the job.

Here’s an example of a timeframe for a bathroom remodelling that doesn’t include moving any fixtures:

  1. Meet with a remodelling specialist for a complimentary design consultation and receive a proposal within one week.
  2. Meet at our showroom to finalise the project scope and conditions of a remodelling contract (2 to 3 weeks).
  3. 1 to 4 weeks to gather all of the supplies for the project.
  4. Every 3 to 6 weeks, materials are ordered and delivered.
  5. One week for demolition and removal of old materials and appliances.
  6. Installation of new materials and appliances, flooring, plumbing and electrical work, and painting takes 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. 1 to 2 weeks for finishing touches and cleanup.

Q: Will a designer from Tony Tiling assist me in selecting all of the materials?

A: Yes, because we have all of the materials you require in our showroom, a Tony Tiling Remodeling expert will assist you in making your selections.

Q: Is it possible for me to purchase those items from Tony Tiling?

A: Yes. That is a significant part of what distinguishes us as a full-service organisation. It is quite handy for clients since we can design everything for them, assist them in selecting materials, and sell them to them. However, it’s worth noting that we don’t require you to buy the materials from us. You are free to shop at other stores.

Q: What characteristics should I prioritise while designing my new bathroom?

A: Floor and wall tiles might be the most expensive, depending on your design and preference. Fixtures and the shower system might add up to a lot of money.

Q: Is re-glazing a bathtub a viable alternative to replacing it?

A: Saving money through re-glazing is an excellent method to do so. It saves time and money by not requiring the installation of a new tub. Many antique bathtubs are made of cast iron, which is a tough and costly material. Furthermore, older tub models may be deeper than current tub types. Although there are multiple compelling reasons to re-glaze, there is one major drawback: it does not endure. Within a few years, the gloss normally starts to fade. The tub may need to be reglazed every three years, depending on usage. Nothing compares to the fresh look of a brand new tub. If you want to fix it well and don’t have a monetary constraint, replacing the tub is the best option.

Q: What should I do now to be ready for my bathroom renovation?

A: You may begin by determining the sort of appearance and style you desire. If you don’t have any design ideas yet, check through some publications, internet, or watch some house remodelling shows. Then get in touch with us for a free design consultation with one of our remodelling experts. Your remodelling specialist will guide you on the specific procedures you must follow. But, in general, you’ll want to empty out the area being worked on of all your personal possessions that can be taken before construction begins. Although we cover the surfaces around our work area, you should use plastic and/or sheets to protect your furniture from dust.

Q: What is a typical bathroom renovation workflow?


  • Make a design
  • Subflooring
  • Installation of a counter top
  • Materials to be used
  • Installation of ceramic tiles on the floor
  • Installation of a medicine cabinet
  • Materials should be ordered.
  • Wiring for electricity
  • Installation of lighting fixtures
  • Material should be delivered
  • preparation of the walls
  • Installation of extras
  • Demolition
  • Putting up tiles on the wall
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures
  • Cleaning and touch-ups

Q: Is it necessary for me to have design ideas before I begin the renovation?

A: No, however it is beneficial if you do. Your complimentary design consultation is intended to assist you in generating new ideas or refining existing ones.

Q: If I sell my house, what kind of return on investment can I expect from remodelling my bathroom?

A: In a renovated house, bathrooms usually yield the highest return on investment. According to Realtor® Magazine, the national average return on investment for bathroom remodelling in 2007 ranged from 93.2 percent to 102.2 percent, depending on whether the budget was luxury or modest. The return varied from 116 percent to 136.3 percent in big cities like Dublin. As a result, many people make a significant profit when they engage in a bathroom remodelling project.

We can help you renovate your bathroom.

Bathroom Additions

Is your bathroom failing to meet your expectations, or simply falling short of your ideal state? Perhaps it’s time to consider home expansion so you can have the bathroom of your dreams.
We provide a complete project management service from start to finish. In-house services include conceptual design, project management, supply and installation, and soft landing alternatives, giving you the convenience of working with a single, licenced bathroom contractor.
We have a lot of expertise with bathroom remodelling and additions, but we also have a lot of experience with tiny space solutions for companies and residences with limited space.
Just because a space is tiny doesn’t imply it can’t be lovely. Innovative space-saving designs, tiny units, bathtubs, toilets, and specialty lighting are all available to help you make the most of your little bathroom space, giving enormous luxury to even the tiniest of areas.

Renovation and Remodeling of Bathrooms

We realise that you may not always want to go through the effort of pulling out your current bathroom and starting over.
We recognise that sometimes the budget just won’t allow for brand-new bathtubs, sinks, or lights. We provide a bathroom remodelling and renovation service that works within the limitations of your budget to renovate and/or enhance your current bathroom, infusing a new lease on life that will help make your bathroom seem like new, thanks to our thoughtful approach.
Surprisingly, there is a lot that can be done to improve an existing bathroom. A new set of lights, different taps, fixtures and fittings, a new blind, and a fresh coat of paint may completely transform an old bathroom.
Our designers can work with you to emphasise the best characteristics of your current bathroom and provide accent, uplift, and renewing touches.
There is no such thing as a budget that is too limiting. You may have the bathroom of your dreams by making a few modest improvements that add up to a big difference. Contact us now to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants about your possibilities.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Are you wondering how much it costs to renovate a bathroom? Trying to work out complete bathroom refurbishment costs? Are you asking how much to renovate a small bathroom? Wondering if you have the budget for something bigger? Full bathroom refurbishment costs vary widely across the Ireland starting at €6,000 depending on the choices you make. Are you starting from scratch? Do you need any plumbing replaced? What about the fixtures and fittings? Retiling or repainting may be enough. If this is the case, Red Box decorating services can help.

As with any home project, there is a lot to consider when planning a complete bathroom renovation from whether the existing layout works to decide if you need a bath. Having a shower alone frees up floor space making it ideal for small bathroom renovations where space is tight.

If you need to keep the redesign or remodel cost down, you may be tempted to compromise or use cheap sanitaryware. This can be counterproductive if you want a room that will look great for a long time. The best way to keep the bathroom refurbishment cost on your Dublin property down and still get the look of your dreams is to seek professional advice.

There are typically lots of trades involved in a refurbishment from plumbers and electricians to tilers. Red Box will manage the process for you and ensure different tradespeople come when needed rather than ‘tread on each other’s toes’. This speeds up the process and avoids unnecessary bathroom refurbishment costs. We can also assist in the buying of materials and furniture. Take a look at our recommended suppliers whose entry-level sanitaryware and bathroom furniture will enable you to get quality for less.

See our Fulham case study for an example of full bathroom refurbishment services Dublin clients were delighted with.