Floor Tile Mortar – ‘Keying In’ and Spreading the Mortar


With a scoop of combined floor tile mortar laid out refreshing on your subfloor, the future phase is to unfold it out to a enough depth for laying floor tiles, and then ‘keying-in’ the blend in get for it to bond appropriately with the floor. Applying the flat edge of your notched trowel gently distribute the mortar out to a dimension huge plenty of to bed your very first floor tile into place.

When undertaking this, be extremely thorough not to cover your chalk line or any other crucial alignment guides you have built on your floor prior, which were essential for dry laying projection and line of sight way. It really is no big offer if you do not exactly meet up with up with your chalk line, as it is greater to drop brief of it. By the time you press down the tile above the mortar mattress, this will in fact squeeze out the mortar to include a more substantial area, so greatest to hold back again a little from your strains when spreading.

In this perception of at first keying-in the mortar, you want to not just unfold it as while you had been buttering a slice of toast, but more like the way a boy or girl would butter a slice of toast. To demonstrate this, I would imply not to methodically distribute the mortar in one way only, from say proper to remaining for example, but adhere to a extra irregular sample by spreading from different alternate angles. This allows the floor tile mortar to bond significantly superior with the floor by holding the spreading angles erratic, but continue to gentle sufficient so that you do not overstep any marks.

Once you happen to be pleased with the keying-in course of action which really should last for all around 30 to 60 seconds for every floor tile, you want to also make positive that the keyed-in mortar bed is at an approximate depth of concerning 1/2″ to 3/4″ inch deep. The following phase following this is to then established your ‘furrows’ into the mortar mattress utilizing the notched edge of your trowel. When performed correctly, this really should basically flip your mortar mattress into a thing incredibly equivalent to a freshly ploughed industry.

To do this effectively, always pull the trowel towards you and not push away. It really is not only easier on your again, but it also allows you far more management of your traces, so the first step is to get into a comfy position. Following, spot the notched edge of your trowel to the edge of your spread mortar, tilt it to an angle of about 45 levels with the flat edge experiencing in direction of you, drive down really hard on the floor, and then pull back again in a straight line, often keeping downward pressure.

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You must listen to a continuous scraping audio when finished properly, and when you occur to the close of your scrape, raise the trowel a little, flip it about 90 levels, then slide it downwards. This will create a modest mound of excessive mortar to the stop of your ‘ploughed field’, by wiping it from the trowel and producing it completely ready for use for the future floor tile to be laid in a new mattress.

Essentially, that’s all there is to keying-in and spreading your mortar, and at the time you get the hold of it you will soon uncover that it follows a very simple and rhythmic pattern. 1 remaining critical stage nevertheless, is to generally maintain your ‘furrows’ in straight strains. Will not ever attempt wavy lines and fancy curves, as the mortar will not spread out effectively at the time your floor tile is placed on leading with pressure, and can consequence in unwelcome trapped air bubbles underneath the floor tile when dry. If there is no reliable guidance under a position in a floor tile these kinds of as a pocket of air, then you could be looking at a likely cracked tile just waiting around to occur specified time.


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Tony Tiling tilers carry out wall and floor tiling jobs for house owners and numerous building companies both of those massive and small. We can assist with any sizing tiling undertaking such as kitchen splashbacks, shower enclosures, totally tiled bathrooms and significant floors and take into consideration ourselves specialists in tiling over heated screeds. We are also in a position to have out a great deal bigger commercial tiling projects.

Commercial Tiling Contractors in Dublin

At Tony Tiling we frequently carry out commercial tiling assignments and have not too long ago completed the new Hugo Boss store in Dublin. As nicely as house owners we also get the job done with specialist office match out contractors, shopfitting teams and creating contractors throughout Dublin.

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Commonly Asked Thoughts

Can you go over present tiles?

Certainly you can but there are some things to consider 1st. A qualified tiler will assess regardless of whether the walls are solid plenty of to support the extra bodyweight and regardless of whether the current tiling is very well bonded to your walls or floor before agreeing to this approach.

Why has my grout cracked or come loose?

This is a indicator that the floor planning was carried out incorrectly. Its some thing we see too frequently and can be averted by working with a highly regarded tiler. Flooring require to be good before any tiling can begin so make positive your floorboards are mounted down with screws, then a layer of cement board must be place over the floorboards and screwed just about every 6 inches in all instructions. Next a decoupling membrane need to be added to enable for expansion in the timber under. Then tiling can get started in excess of the top rated. Recall if you can see it relocating or hear it relocating (creaking) its not suitable for tiling.

Which are the most hardwearing?

Porcelain tiles are incredibly hardwearing and are especially acceptable for floor tiling. They have become the most common option over the last ten several years or so. They are hard to cut and drill but any knowledgeable tiler will have the accurate instruments to operate with them easily.

Are tiles acceptable for external tiling?

Sure but keep in mind that outside the house they will be topic to the weather conditions so will need to have to be non slip. I would generally advise a higher quality porcelain tile as they are quite tricky carrying and available in a lot of non slip finishes.

Why do my walls or floor seem hollow when I tap them?

This is because of to poor installation, tiles should really be fitted to a strong mattress of adhesive only, it is not suitable to just dab a blob of adhesive onto the corners of the tile and press it onto the walls or floor. Your tiler should spread adhesive utilizing a notched trowel to assure even protection beneath the surface area.

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When fixing onto heated screeds do I need a decoupling membrane this kind of as Ditra or Durabase?

Sure unquestionably, heated screeds should really be turned on two months right before tiling can commence to make it possible for any cracks to look. Heated screeds shrink and extend slightly through very hot and cold cycles so you will definitely need to have to beat this with a decoupling membrane. These can insert substantially to the price tag of your tiling but are certainly crucial to this course of action.

How do I estimate square meters M2?

Wall and floor tiling is generally calculated in square meters (M2) one square meter handles an space 1 meter in duration x 1 meter in width. If you are tiling a wall that is 2.4 meters significant by 2 meters wide you ought to estimate it as 2.4 X 2 = 4.8m2 repeat this for each wall or floor you are tiling and incorporate 15% to the total to allow for for squander and off cuts. This will generally give you ample tiles to end the job. Use our tile calculator to instantly work out how lots of tiles you require.

Can a damaged tile be chopped out and replaced?

Yes absolutely, its fairly straight ahead to split out a damaged or chipped tile and substitute it with a new just one. 1st you will will need a replacement tile which can be hard if you don’t have just one still left from the primary task. Then you just want to thoroughly, applying a hammer smash the broken tile and use an previous chisel to eliminate the pieces getting cautious not to problems the fantastic tiles encompassing it.

Can you tile right onto floorboards?

Natural stone these as slate, marble, travertine and limestone want to be cut on a soaked cutting machine alternatively than a common rating and snap tile cutter which is a lot far more time consuming as well as needing to be finished outside the house. They also require to be sealed prior to and following grouting which will incorporate much more time to the career.

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