Explanations Why You Need to Re Grout As Opposed to Re Tile Your Bathroom


Just before you come to a decision to go about tearing the tiles off your bathroom wall, you might want to imagine about basically re-grouting the existing tiles to acquire your washroom back again to fantastic condition!

Every person knows precisely what we are referring to – once the grout in concerning the bathroom tiles commences to turn darkish and odor. It may be unappealing, be pungent and even induce important h2o ingress ensuing in sizeable destruction and even resulting in you staying a good deal poorer. Through the eight several years I have been a tiler, mouldy grout and weak silicone may be the primary root induce of main leakages and drinking water damages to flats straight under.

Once the grout inside of your shower space or all-around your bathtub gets mouldy and dim coloured, fractures will establish and start out permitting water by to the plasterboard behind, which can subsequently soak it up like a sponge making even additional hurt, and this could commence costing you a excellent deal a lot more of your hard acquired funds. This could go undetected for a lengthy time ought to you not be informed of convey to-tale alerts and odours, by which time it is too significantly gone and the downstairs ceiling has collapsed! I’ve come across it so often and I think the the vast majority of people A – will not comprehend just how substantially problems might final result and B – will not take pleasure in just how clear-cut it is to maintenance. These are the two good reasons why I am going to show the suitable way to handle the challenge. It are not able to just support you help save funds but entirely renovate your mucky, pungent bathroom again to the way it was all individuals a long time back.

I feel quite a few men and women squander a pile of dollars on completely re-tiling the regions concerned. Nonetheless re-grouting is usually a inexpensive D.I.Y. remedy to triumph over the problem producing your toilet easier on the eyes and nose. There are several reasons why re-grouting can be a preferred different to re-tiling, like price, time frames, and also the time body the shower will be out of use although will work are getting carried out.

The re-grouting procedure is easy, takes a few of hrs, can make it 100 % leak-proof and allows make your lavatory look entirely new all over again, all for considerably less than £100. Sounds excellent? Perfectly in this article we will be seeking at precisely how to undertake this project as nicely as the advantages it delivers along with the motive why utilizing a competent experienced may well in simple fact assist you conserve money in the lengthy expression.

Instruments Demanded

All can be procured by means of your close by Do it yourself shop

  1. grout float
  2. water-resistant anti mould grout for showers and soaked rooms
  3. mixing tub
  4. mixing knife or mixing attachment to drill
  5. Bosch 180e multi cutter with grout cutter attachment
  6. tiling sponge
  7. anti mould silicone (if sealant seems to be black and mouldy)
  8. grout spray sealant from the great tile retail store
  9. gloves
  10. dust mask
  11. goggles
  12. silicone (anti mould)
  13. silicone gun
  14. masking tape

Re-Grouting the tiling get the job done

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Get rid of the aged and increase some new!

In advance of starting off function you require to wear your dust mask, gloves and goggles. Risk-free apply at operate is essential!

1. To get begun you want to start by repairing your grout removal blade to a ‘bosch’ or ‘dremel’ multi-cutter and slowly slice up each individual one of the broken grout strains slicing absent the grout up until eventually you can effortlessly see the preliminary color after yet again, or if you make your mind up you can basically eradicate all of impacted grout again to the plasterboard according to seriousness of problem.

2. Wash down all of the dust coming from the reducing guaranteeing you get the sponge right into the grout strains removing all the dust and dust given that the grout is not going to hold rapid if still left.

3. Mix up the grout adhering to brands suggestions. Utilizing your mixing knife scoop some grout onto the conclusion or edge of the grout float and begin working in diagonal sweeps pressing the grout specifically into the traces masking just about every line quite a few moments to make particular it has loaded the whole depth of line. Not filling up the entire depth may consequence in cracking not to mention drinking water ingress.

4. Depart for 10-15 minutes in accordance to manufacturers’ suggestions, right after that wipe down with rough side of the grout sponge alternatively you can operate a finger down the traces creating it really clean.

5. Leave it to dry out for 24 several hours, just ahead of finishing applying a clear spray sealant which will make it 100% h2o resistant for quite a few decades.

Renewing your silicone sealant all over tub or shower

1. Get rid of all outdated silicone by working with a Stanley blade to get rid of the principal strains immediately after that a single blade to clear out the remainder. In my feeling I have uncovered this for being the most efficient way to apparent out aged silicone.

2. Get the job done with Masking tape to address the major and bottom of in which the new lines are most likely to go.

3. 1st cut-off the prime of the silicone tube, affix nozzle, figure out the thickness the bead has to be and slice a 45 degree angle on the nozzle.

4. Safe the gun with a 45 degree angle even though little by little urgent the trigger and edge down the lines halting the gun at any time when needed. This by itself is really tough on the other hand the masking tape prevents the bead from going all in excess of the place.

5. Just take absent the masking tape and lick your finger. Making certain it is really completely soaked, function your finger bit by bit and little by little down silicone line, halting and re-licking must any silicone commences sticking to your finger. This will go away a pleasant smooth water-limited seal.

Why to get a expert plumber or tiler

Many explanations exist why you should to come across a experienced to cope with the endeavor. To start out with, the price simply because they will definitely already have all of the instruments vital to do the occupation, which can aid you help save more than £100 quickly. Second, purely the point they have in all chance carried out the quite exact same career 100s of occasions and will commonly warranty the function they do, featuring you the reassurance that no downstairs neighbour will possible be rapping at your doorstep yelling about their ceiling leaking water. The professional’s abilities moreover will depart the work with a leading quality finish. Benefit is one more primary explanation. Utilizing a plumber or tiler allows you to acquire it easy as there are no requirement for you to insert nevertheless one more demanding endeavor to an presently hectic timetable, considering that the plumber or tiler will present you with a specific deadline to when the job will very likely be concluded. Nevertheless doing the job with grout seems moderately straightforward, it is normally complicated realizing the finest time to wipe down the grout once inserting it, probably leaving powering undesirable grout on the experience of the tiles indefinitely.

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Now you know the fundamentals to re-grouting, you could possibly want to check out out your pretty possess toilet and determine out if you believe that you have the self-perception to tackle the process. Or, have assurance that it could be concluded for a fair price tag by calling a skilled plumber or tiler.


Expert Tilers in Dublin

Tony Tiling tilers have out wall and floor tiling tasks for house owners and numerous construction businesses the two substantial and compact. We can support with any dimensions tiling task this kind of as kitchen area splashbacks, shower enclosures, fully tiled bathrooms and massive floors and contemplate ourselves experts in tiling in excess of heated screeds. We are also capable to carry out considerably much larger commercial tiling projects.

Commercial Tiling Contractors in Dublin

At Tony Tiling we often carry out commercial tiling tasks and have just lately accomplished the new Hugo Manager shop in Dublin. As well as home owners we also work with expert office in good shape out contractors, shopfitting teams and making contractors throughout Dublin.

Routinely Questioned Inquiries

Can you go more than current tiles?

Certainly you can but there are some points to take into consideration initial. A experienced tiler will evaluate no matter whether the walls are potent more than enough to aid the excess weight and regardless of whether the current tiling is very well bonded to your walls or floor before agreeing to this method.

Why has my grout cracked or come unfastened?

This is a signal that the floor planning was completed incorrectly. Its a little something we see as well frequently and can be avoided by making use of a dependable tiler. Floors want to be sound ahead of any tiling can start so make confident your floorboards are fastened down with screws, then a layer of cement board ought to be set more than the floorboards and screwed every 6 inches in all directions. Up coming a decoupling membrane ought to be additional to allow for expansion in the timber underneath. Then tiling can get started about the major. Keep in mind if you can see it transferring or listen to it moving (creaking) its not suitable for tiling.

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Which are the most hardwearing?

Porcelain tiles are incredibly hardwearing and are particularly suited for floor tiling. They have turn out to be the most preferred alternative above the final 10 many years or so. They are difficult to cut and drill but any experienced tiler will have the right applications to perform with them easily.

Are tiles suitable for external tiling?

Certainly but maintain in head that exterior they will be issue to the weather so will will need to be non slip. I would usually endorse a substantial grade porcelain tile as they are very difficult carrying and readily available in many non slip finishes.

Why do my walls or floor seem hollow when I faucet them?

This is due to negative installation, tiles need to be equipped to a solid bed of adhesive only, it is not acceptable to just dab a blob of adhesive on to the corners of the tile and press it on to the walls or floor. Your tiler should unfold adhesive applying a notched trowel to make certain even coverage underneath the area.

When correcting on to heated screeds do I want a decoupling membrane this kind of as Ditra or Durabase?

Certainly unquestionably, heated screeds must be turned on two months ahead of tiling can commence to allow any cracks to seem. Heated screeds shrink and broaden a bit throughout very hot and cold cycles so you will undoubtedly have to have to combat this with a decoupling membrane. These can incorporate considerably to the price tag of your tiling but are certainly essential to this process.

How do I compute square meters M2?

Wall and floor tiling is frequently measured in square meters (M2) one square meter addresses an space 1 meter in duration x 1 meter in width. If you are tiling a wall that is 2.4 meters significant by 2 meters vast you should really work out it as 2.4 X 2 = 4.8m2 repeat this for just about every wall or floor you are tiling and insert 15% to the overall to enable for waste and off cuts. This will commonly give you plenty of tiles to complete the career. Use our tile calculator to instantly get the job done out how many tiles you need.

Can a broken tile be chopped out and replaced?

Sure definitely, its reasonably straight ahead to break out a broken or chipped tile and swap it with a new just one. 1st you will want a replacement tile which can be challenging if you will not have 1 remaining from the authentic career. Then you just need to meticulously, making use of a hammer smash the broken tile and use an outdated chisel to get rid of the parts getting mindful not to destruction the superior tiles encompassing it.

Can you tile straight on to floorboards?

Natural stone this kind of as slate, marble, travertine and limestone require to be cut on a soaked cutting machine fairly than a typical score and snap tile cutter which is a great deal extra time consuming as nicely as needing to be performed outdoors. They also have to have to be sealed before and soon after grouting which will increase more time to the job.

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